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Sign up now for the Allenbrooke Farms 2018 Farmily CSA


We are saving a spot for you!

It is hard to believe that it is already time to join next year’s Farmily CSA.

To reserve your spot, click HERE and sign up. We have set up an easy to navigate process for you to sign up. Like always, you can break the payments down into 1, 2, 3,4, 5, or 6 installments- and payments don’t start until January 2018. We do, however, have to have the first payment to hold your spot for you. So if you do not get an email receipt for your payment, and an email titled ‘Welcome to the Farmily’- you did not complete the process and join the CSA. If you have any trouble at all in the process, please feel free to respond to this email or call/text me at the number below and I will gladly help you.

We still have only increased our prices 0.2% ($2!) in 7 years! We are VERY proud of the certified organic, local food at an amazing value that we are able to grow for our Farmily. Check out my comparison shopping adventures here.

We do not plan to increase the size our Farmily CSA next year, we will be staying the same size we are now – 400 families. Wait, why?! Well, we have found our sweet spot. We know we can provide amazing quality certified organic produce, manage all of weddings at The Barn, and grow produce for the local food charities at this size and with our amazing team. I tell you this because this most likely mean that we will sell out faster than usual and  I don’t want anyone missing out on next year’s Farmily.

You are also gonna notice one big ole change when you are in the sign-up process. I have to preface this by reminding you that we don’t really do change- like ever. Unless we have looked at it from all sides and we know it’s the best thing to do. THIS IS VERY EXCITING FOR US! Are you ready?!?!?!

We will be having only ONE Pickup day- WEDNESDAYS. BUT it will be an ALL DAY PICKUP! FROM 8AM-8PM! You can come ANYTIME from 8AM to 8PM to pick up your FARM FRESH ORGANIC food for the week!

You want to come by Before & After dropping off/picking up the kids from school? WE ARE OPEN! After work & even after happy hour? WE ARE OPEN! Going out of town for the weekend?! No more missing out on your food for the week! We are so excited about this, and know you will be, too.

We LOVE our Farmily and cannot thank all of you enough for your steady commitment and support this year! Our Allenbrooke Farms Farmily CSA has grown to be 375 families strong and we have our largest waiting list ever. We would not and could not do what we do without you, our Farmily. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. We have said before that it was a leap of faith and risk and courage for us to step out and begin farming full-time. There’s no way we could have known what an adventure this would be over the past six years! We believe in what we do: providing families with great-tasting, locally grown, CERTIFIED ORGANIC, farm-fresh food.

We are so thankful that all of you that have chosen us to be your farmers this year and in years past, and we look forward to feeding you next year as well.

Your Happy Farmer,

Stephanie Allen| Allenbrooke Farms | 615-406-4592

Don’t forget to sign up now! Click here to join our 2018 Farmily CSA