Organic, Fresh, Local, & Cheap?!

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Allenbrooke Farms: Certified Organic, Fresh, Local,  & Cheap?! THERE ARE STILL SHARES AVAILABLE IN OUR 2017 FARMILY! RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW! CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR FARMILY! I need to tell you about how Allenbrooke Farms is the BEST VALUE around in local, certified organic food……… I have often heard people say ‘Oh, I’d love to eat organic but I can’t afford it.’ …

Sowing the Seeds of Love

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Hello Farmily! These past few weeks have been busy ones for us on the farm. Despite the obnoxious winds and heavy heavy rains- Farmer Dan has been able to get a lot of planting done, which is a great thing. You see, all the weather and soil conditions have to align perfectly this time of year for him to be …

What’s a Farmily?

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Hello Farmily! It occurred to me recently that many of you may not know about the real reason we call y’all our Farmily…. so here goes… As you could have probably guessed, I never dreamed of being an organic farmer, or having a Farmily.  But I do know that God’s dreams are always so much bigger than mine, bigger than …

You don’t look like a farmer

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(Originally published 7-14-16) Hello Farmily! People tell me all the time that I ‘don’t look like a farmer’. There are so many thoughts that go through my head each time I hear this: ‘What is a farmer supposed to LOOK like?’ ‘Do you realize how judgmental that sounds?’ ‘I have a great dermatologist.’ ‘Maybe I don’t want to look like …

Plant, grow, eat, repeat!

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THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER GREAT HARVEST SEASON! Hello Farmily!  It’s the last week of the 2016 Allenbrooke Farms harvest season! The past 6 months have flown by. Usually this time of year is a very reflective time for me and Farmer Dan. This year we are still so busy with the building of the new barn and all that it entails, …

Week 24 Farmily CSA Harvest List & Recipes

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Here’s what you can expect at this week’s Farmily CSA pickups:  Turnips Bok Choy- more tender and silky than spinach, with a heartier stalk- so good sautéed or raw Bell Peppers Various Kales (the drought and high heat have not been kind to the fall gardens- Farmer Dan said he will surprise us!) Arugula-flavorful, peppery green. A favorite in salads, but also …

2 weeks left in Harvest Season!

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Mark your calendars! There are still 2 weeks left in this year’s Allenbrooke Farms Farmily Harvest Season! Here is a link to the calendar– The last pickups are the week of November 7th through the 12th.