Organic, Fresh, Local, & Cheap?!

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Allenbrooke Farms: Certified Organic, Fresh, Local,  & Cheap?!

I need to tell you about how Allenbrooke Farms is the BEST VALUE around in local, certified organic food………

I have often heard people say ‘Oh, I’d love to eat organic but I can’t afford it.’ And I completely understand (we are farmers, after all). But that’s just the reason we do what we do- to feed our community local, Certified Organic food for a great price. We have always been proud of the value we offer our Farmily members through our Allenbrooke Farms Certified Organic Farmily CSA program.

But often it’s hard to illustrate what an amazing deal our Farmily really is, since we require our customers to pay in advance and you pay as you go at the grocery stores- it seems like we have a higher price. So, I decided to do some comparison shopping.

And you are gonna love what I found!

I took a typical half-share basket from an Allenbrooke Farms Farmily pickup (pictured below) and went to both Wal-Mart and Whole Foods to purchase all of the same items. I was actually surprised to find that Allenbrooke Farms was CHEAPER than the Wal-Mart, and over 54% cheaper than Whole Foods. Here are the details:

A half share in Allenbrooke Farms Farmily  is:
  • All locally grown with love by the Allen family in Spring Hill, TN.
  • Our produce is harvested within hours of our customers picking it up (this is important because produce loses nutrients, not just freshness, after harvesting.)
  • All Certified Organic using NO pesticides or herbicides!
  • ONLY $23.00/week! Cheaper than Supercenter prices and 54% less than the same items at Whole Foods
  • Who says you can’t afford to eat locally and organically?!?! You CAN!! AND you can support a local business and family in the process.


The same items bought at Wal-Mart:
  • Were grown in Florida, Mexico, California, and ‘USA’ (what are the growing standards in Mexico? Are the farms inspected? How long does it take to get here? What happened to it and how many people touched it and it had to lose all its nutrients during that time….Eeew)
  • Were harvested days and in most cases weeks before getting to the customer.
  • I could only get certified organic broccoli and tomatoes. Lettuce, Arugula, Parsnips, radishes, green beans, peppers and sweet potatoes were not available in organically grown options.
  • Was $0.26 more expensive than Allenbrooke Farms- you can buy local for less! (total was $23.26)


Comparison Shopping Organic CSA

The same items bought at Whole Foods:
  • Were grown in Florida, California, and Mexico.
  • Were harvested days and in most cases weeks before getting to the customer.
  • Were all available in organically grown options
  • Total was $35.47! That is 54% MORE than buying local and supporting a local farmer! AND I forgot the green beans so it would have been even more spendy– but we will stick with that price.

Spring Hill Organic Farm

I hope this helps illustrate the advantages of shopping and eating local certified organic food! And I hope y’all decide to give a local farm a try and join our Allenbrooke Farms CSA Farmily. Below you will find detailed info about our share sizes to help you decide what share size will be best for you, and links to join the Farmily.

Also, our CSA members fill their own baskets at pickup each week. So you’re never stuck with anything you don’t want or can’t eat. Only you know if your husband hates sweet potatoes or if your garden is producing a lot of squash and you don’t need any more.

If y’all have any questions about our CSA- please let us know (click here to email us).

We hope you decide to join our Farmily! You can do so here.

Your Happy Farmer, Stephanie Allen
Allenbrooke Farms

*****UPDATE! 10-12-17 You will see a small price difference for this year’s weekly prices- we finally figured out that we need time off during harvest season, and that sent weekly prices up a whopping 0.22% since I did my above investigative shopping in 2013. I know it’s minimal but felt like I needed to tell you in the interest of full disclosure. We have not raised our CSA prices in 7 years, even after getting CERTIFIED ORGANIC!****