A Break?!?! Yes! A Harvest Season Break!

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First of all- THANK YOU FOR BEING FARMILY & supporting your local farmers! When you join our farmily, you join for the entire CSA harvest season. Our season runs from Mid-May through Mid-November, with a break in the middle from Mid-August to Mid-September. HERE is a link to our 2017 Farmily CSA Calendar.

There are a total of 22 pickups over the course of the Allenbrooke Farms CSA season. When you signed up, you chose your payment option- most people choose some sort of monthly plan. You are not paying for your food for the month, but you are breaking up the entire season into smaller chunks that are paid monthly. If you are a Farmily member, HERE is the link to view your account & payment schedule.

SO, why even take a break?!?! Well, plants are like people, and come mid-August, they are pretty much OVER>THE>HEAT. In years past, we would just keep trying to squeeze life out of the gardens during these weeks, all while prepping for fall gardens, and watching the summer garden plants just plain give up. It was miserable, we were miserable, and our quality and product suffered, which meant our Farmily was miserable.
ENOUGH WITH THE COCKADOOODEEEE MISERY! (see what I did there?!). You want to see someone stressed out- talk to a farmer in TN in late August- heck, the way the heat has been lately- ask a farmer in late July! So anyways, last year, we introduced ‘The Break’, and it has worked out well! It gives our gardens a chance to breathe, it gives us as farmers a chance to breathe, and most importantly- our selection and quality does not suffer.

Last year we were able to get off the farm for the first time ever during harvest season. We went to Atlanta to attend my cousin’s wedding, and had a great time. This year we are planning to take our son to the beach for the first time, and we are super excited! I woke up one morning in late May during an 8 day stretch in which we had 3 Farmily CSA Pickups and 5 yes FIVE weddings. Southwest was having a $49 sale and dang if we didn’t need something to look forward to to help us get over the hump. So at 5:30 am I booked us a little quick trip and we have been day dreaming and talking about it ever since. This Saturday we have our last pickup before the break and we also have our first Quinceanera at The Barn. Then, its Fall Garden prep time, organize & clean The Barn time, vacation time, catch up time, garden & wedding time before The Break is over.

Thanks again for being Farmily! Steph & Farmer Dan