Plant, grow, eat, LOVE, repeat!

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Hello Farmily! 

It’s the last week of the 2017 Allenbrooke Farms harvest season! The past 6 months have flown by. Usually this time of year is a very reflective time for me and Farmer Dan. This year we are still planning and hosting the remaining 7 events here at Allenbrooke Farms,  and all that it entails, we haven’t had too much time to get too sappy and reflective, then again- maybe we have.

I will tell you this, it has been an amazing harvest season! And another one full of record growth at Allenbrooke Farms!

About 7.5 years ago, we sold our car for seeds to start our Farmily, and everyone in our families prayed that we would make it. Heck, even the IRS audited us for the first 2 years that we farmed, they essentially wanted to know how we lived on so little. We were living alright, living our dreams of being farmers- somehow, someway. And we kept going- plant, grow, eat, repeat. And our Farmily kept growing- plant, grow, eat, repeat!

Our first year farming full-time, we had 99 Farmily members/families. Plant, grow, eat, repeat.

2 years ago, Allenbrooke Farms  became USDA Certified Organic. We are so proud that we continue to meet the strict standards required to become a certified organic farm, and we are proud to be the first and only Certified Organic Farm in Spring Hill, TN. In 2017, our sixth year of farming full-time, we had 400 Farmily members/families! Plant, grow, eat, repeat.

Also this year, we completed construction on The Barn at Allenbrooke Farms & held our Open House at the beginning of March. WAIT. Y’all, as I am writing, I pulled the numbers. WE HAVE HOSTED 44 WEDDINGS & EVENTS here at The Barn SINCE our Open House in March! Whaaaaaa?!?!?!? I didn’t even realize it was that many. Love Grows Here. Plant, grow LOVE, get married, repeat!

Y’all. All these years of harvesting 300 ft rows of cherry tomatoes, kale, and green beans gave me a lot of thinking time, and a really great farmer’s tan. And a lot of ‘be still and know that I am God time’. And I had this dream and this vision of this barn: of canning and cooking classes, of weddings, of Farmily potluck dinners, of an office that is not in my bedroom, of a real parking lot, of bathrooms and air-conditioning at Farmily pickups, of exactly how I would decorate it, of being able to have a place to offer couples a nice place to have a wedding with quality details, stellar service, at a good value, of all the things. All that was put into action alongside farming for the first time this year. It’s been crazy and exciting and so so so so so so dang fun. AND WE ARE DOING IT! Just like that first year farming- we have had angels show up out of nowhere and save us, help us, and pull us through. It’s been amazing, and to say we are thankful to both our couples/brides/families as well as our amazing team- well thankful almost isn’t enough a word. We are feeling all the feels. What’s more?! We are already booked up through 2018 at The Barn! We are currently booking 2019 and just last Friday, we booked two 2019 dates. Growing love, y’all.

Can I tell you that other farmers still tell us we are crazy for letting y’all choose what’s in your basket. But y’all, we aren’t your ordinary farmers, totally an understatement, I know, or your ordinary CSA. We are a Farmily, and Farmer Dan and I built this with the support of local families, and we will continue to grow with your support.

So THANK YOU! Thank you for growing with us as we figure out what works best for our Farmily. Thank you for choosing to support a local family (us!) and literally put your money where your mouth is. We hope that you have had a wonderful harvest season, and we hope you will join our Farmily again for 2018. Plant, grow, eat, repeat. Many of you have already joined, as we are already over 30% full for next year’s Farmily CSA.

We can’t thank you enough for your support! You might not think of buying local organic vegetables as ‘support’- but it is. Your support is allowing Farmer Dan to live his dream of being a successful farmer. Your support is allowing me to live my  dreams as a Farmilista (farmer, mama, farmer’s wife, business lady, wedding barn builder, wedding coordinator/designer, marketing & sales extraordinaire, crazy creative, team builder, team leader, art director, OCD tablescape builder, timeline keeper & Boss Lady).

Once our harvest season ends, I will continue to send a few email updates every now and then, but you should also follow us on social media for updates: Facebook and Instagram. Until next harvest/wedding season, y’all! Plant, grow, eat, LOVE, repeat.

Your Happy Farmer,

Stephanie Allen | Allebrooke Farms

Please mark your calendars for the last Farmily pickups of the season:

Wednesday Pickup- November 8th

Saturday Pickup- November 11th