This week at Allenbrooke Farms, in pictures

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Mama helping her sweet girl with her shoes. I love being trusted enough to witness these special moments.


This is the sweetest age. Keaton is 3.5 years old and I want time to stop. I cannot get enough hours with him. I am so happy to be his mama.


Farming never stops. Plant, harvest, eat, repeat. Planting MORE watermelons here.


In all her glory! Bridesmaid holding court on the dance floor at The Barn.


Sunday’s Wedding setup. Each week we transform The Barn into our Bride’s dreams, and I am so thankful to be able to work on something I love so much.


Pre-set salads are our fave! Pretty pretty tablescapes are so welcoming to our wedding guests and continue the easy, elegant flow of the wedding.


Beautiful bride, inside and out. She glows!


Sneaking a moment alone together during the wedding. We really value these special moments.


Breaking new ground for planting. This farm lives a thousand lives a year and feeds thousands of people a week. Almost too much to comprehend some days.


Y’all. This is serious. Other than God, there is no reason this boy should have survived this crash. And other than sheer immaturity & unnecessary recklessness, this kind of wreck should never have happened ON our farm. Farmer Dan farms both sides of the road and is always going back & forth on the tractor. Our son plays out here just on the right side of this pic. SO SCARY. This boy passed the white car on our road- while driving around a curve, & up a hill. He lost control, spun around several times, and hit a tree going the opposite direction. The car bounced 100 yds away and stopped. AND HE WALKED AWAY. It was so loud, that neighbors almost a mile away heard the crash and drove over to see if everyone was ok. Allison & Britt were angels that came in to help. I am so thankful that no one was coming in the other direction, people drive so fast on our road, there’s no doubt someone would not have made it had that been the case. Y’ALL SLOW DOWN WHEN YOU ARE DRIVING DOWN DOCTOR ROBERTSON ROAD!


Our friend Michael Holt towed the car away, and sent me this picture. He said that he had to hook to THE ENGINE to tow it away. Nothing left. Please please slow down y’all.