This week in pictures- harvest week 5- Allenbrooke Farms

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Digging potatoes. As you can imagine- it’s heavy and back breaking work. Each bag is 50 lbs. But they taste so dang good!

Friday night we spent time as a family in the gardens. It was awesome. The smell of tomato plants gets me every year. They are my all-time favorite. I could pick cherry tomatoes all day, and have spent many many days doing it- especially since Farmer Dan draws the line there. Just not his thing, picking cherry tomatoes or okra. While we were there, Farmer Dan was ‘weaving’ all the stakes- he takes twine and weaves it around the plants and stakes to hold the tomatoes upright, you do it again several times as they grow taller. Keeps the plant healthy and makes harvesting easier. We had to order pizza from Nelly’s the local Italian restaurant in order to do this. Seriously that is how busy things are. It’s fine with us, too- cause their pizza is just great and we had a fabulous time in the tomatoes.

Pearly-Girl & Carnotaurus came, too.

Digging for dinosaur bones. He found ‘free t-rex teef!’

He helped weave!

Cut from the same cloth.

Field of tomato dreams.

A prayer, a deep breath, and a smile before walking down the aisle on Saturday.

Farmer dan took me on a sunset tractor ride to brag on his gardens. I am so proud.

kohlrabi!!!! all day long!

sometimes the only time we can make for just us is if we sneak off during a wedding and have some minutes alone.

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y’all. go get this book!

Quick cucumber salad.

roasted new red potatoes, cabbage, and onions for the preds game.